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Next Chapter Women inspired to readdress the gender balance in public and political life

Next Chapter Women inspired to readdress the gender balance in public and political life

15 January 2019

Louth Women welcome guest speakers from Louth Public Participation Network & Louth Volunteer Centre

"It was the first Louth Chapter Hub meeting of 2019,” said Regional Coordinator Fiona McCaffrey Jones...

“Mary outlined the role of the PPN and the opportunities there are for women to formally have their voices heard not only in their communities but at local authority level through the PPN structures. Currently, approximately 12% of those in formal roles within the PPN in Louth are women and Mary would be delighted if female/male participation was closer to the 5050 mark. The PPN term of office coincides with local elections so in May of this year Mary will be looking for new people to put their names forward.

Grainne highlighted the services of Louth Volunteer Centre and the benefits to both the community and the volunteers themselves. The statistics for LVC show that 64% of those who volunteer in Louth are women, which is quite a contrast to the PPN figure.

Women do the majority of the volunteering in Louth with charities, not for profits, community groups etc but either don't know about the formal roles open to them in the PPN or are uncomfortable taking on a role that will involve public speaking or leadership, which ultimately leaves the decision making for the communities to men as only their voices are heard.

The door is ajar, so hopefully members from The Next Chapter Louth will push it open in 2019! "

Photo: Participants of the Louth Chapter Hub together with Mary Capplis, Louth Public Participation Network (Front left) and Grainne Berrill, Louth Volunteer Centre (Front right)

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