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Announcing Module Five Training Dates

Announcing Module Five Training Dates

06 August 2019

Dates and times have been scheduled for Louth Chapter

'Diversity - Thinking Independently Together' is open to all Chapter Members and will consist of three full days for each Chapter.

The training will aim to contribute to celebrating diversity by improving understanding about the various cultures, the impact of racism and, the under-representation in public life of women from minority ethnic communities in Northern Ireland and the border counties of the Republic of Ireland.

Session 1

This session will cover the impact of the Troubles on race and other equality awareness and issues, the Good Friday / Belfast Agreement, Section 75 of the NI Act / ROI equivalent on promoting equal opportunities and good relations, with case studies setting out different experiences.

Session 2

This session will address cultural awareness and visibility, forms of discrimination, prejudicial attitudes, hate crime and racism, as well as legislation.

Session 3

This session will address reasons for pre-existing disadvantage, under-representation in public life and the need to promote equality of opportunity, good relations and long-term institutional change.

Please contact your Regional Co-Ordinator Claire Rushe, at
to register by Tuesday 27 August.

Venue confirmed above.

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