Your Chapter Hubs

Since 2018 over 300 women have joined a ‘Chapter Hub’ in their local area. Click on the arrows to explore each Chapter Hub in more detail.


This exciting new Peace IV funded project invited women from all over Northern Ireland and the border counties in the Republic of Ireland to take part in a project to establish new cross-community and cross-border networks of women’s groups working to progress better understandings and representation for gender equality in areas such as peace and reconciliation, politics and public life.

So what happens at the Chapter Hub?
Here individual women make up a diverse group of local women and have the opportunity to share ideas and make their mark on a group project that will contribute to peace and reconciliation locally. Through participation in the project, members of the Chapters can take part in a comprehensive capacity building training programme that will equip them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to be an active leader in community or to start dipping their toes into political and public life.

Each local ‘Chapter Hub’ Is:
  1. A thriving network of local women from all backgrounds fostering dialogues about their various roles in NI and the border counties of the ROI from the past, to the present and through to the future;
  2. A place of learning for participants to further consolidate their understanding of; good relations, peace & recnciliation,  gender equality, decision making, politics and public life and the role of the media;
  3. A platform for action and decision making by collaboratively developing a Community Project that will have a positive social change impact with relation to gender equality, peace & reconciliation, and women’s participation in politics and public life.