The Next Chapter Training, Coaching & Mentoring Programme is open to all women age 18+, living in Northern Ireland or the border counties of the Republic of Ireland, who have registered for the programme and would like to develop their understanding and skills and contribute to a more gender-sensitive society.

There are now five training modules in total, designed to complement the wider programme and to offer participants the exciting opportunity to learn more about peace and reconciliation, develop leadership and communication skills and take their first steps into community, politics and public life.

Training Sessions for each Module will be made up of a combination of both full and/or half day sessions and this will vary from Hub to Hub across the region.

Women as Champions of Peacebuilding
This module will offer an in-depth exploration of the peace and reconciliation process, with particular focus on the role of women and the contributions they have made. In addition to this, participants will learn about how to develop the capacity and resilience of their communities in a post-conflict society and how to handle conflict.
Decision Making, Politics and Public Life
This module will unpick the democratic legislative processes both north and south of the border, and how policies are created, affected and become law. Participants will also learn how to become strategic thinkers and analyse complex data, and how they can apply this when joining public or voluntary board positions.
Developing a Powerful Voice
The Developing a Powerful Voice module will equip participants with effective communication delivery and presence in meetings, presentation techniques and speech delivery for local, public and political life.
Communicating with Impact
Communicating with Impact module will equip local communities to develop the skills to raise their profile in the media, celebrate their achievements and share their impact.  The module will also develop the participants’ capabilities for crisis management.
Good Relations
Race and Minority Ethnic Equality and Good Relations module will promote positive relations characterised by respect, and where cultural diversity is celebrated and people can live, learn and socialise together, free from prejudice, hate and intolerance.

Training schedules for each Module will be listed within each Chapter Hub when they are available.

Each Training Participant will also have the opportunity for one-to-one coaching. Coaching has become increasingly popular as a means of personal development as it will provide participants with an opportunity to focus on their own learning and development at a time and place to suit them.

So what exactly is coaching?
The essence of the coaching process is to support participants to clarify or uncover their
life’s purpose or vision for their future. Our life’s purpose is linked to how we
feel and what drives and motivates us. We all want to feel as if we are making a
contribution to society and making a difference in the world and this is most likely to
happen when we are following our own purpose.

How will it work?
As part of this programme participants will receive 3 individual one hour coaching sessions
spread out over approx. 12- 18 weeks. The types of issues that people in the past have addressed have included:
• Developing self -confidence and resilience,
• Dealing with difficult conversations,
• Building your communications skills or
• Career development, for example.
Participants will then work with their coach to set their own goals for personal development.

The Benefits
The great benefit of coaching is that most people are very likely to see quick, positive results
as an outcome. This is because coaching is participative and people tend to learn
and adopt new habits more easily when they are actively engaged in the learning
process. As soon as a coaching session ends the individual can implement a new practice.
By constantly doing better you practice good habits and the more you practice - the
more natural it becomes to automatically change and improve your behaviours.

Benefits to an individual include:
• improvement in individual’s performance, targets and goals
• increased openness to personal learning and development
• increased ability to identify solutions to specific work-related issues
• greater ownership and responsibility
• development of self-awareness
• improvement of specific skills or behaviour
• greater clarity in roles and objectives
• the opportunity to correct behaviour/performance difficulties

One of the most powerful and illuminating questions in a coaching context can be
‘So what’s stopping you?’ Coaching can really help to examine what you think the
barriers are and to explore are they real and are they true. Then you can look at
what is really stopping you - if anything!