Thu 23 January 2020

Doreen is looking forward to the future

The Next Chapter will help us empower women in Donegal

Doreen Sheridan Kennedy tells us about her jouney with The Next Chapter

"My name is Doreen and I am a retired teacher with a keen intetest in politics and equality, living in County Donegal.

Having seen the advertisement two years ago for The Next Chapter on the internet, I immediately thought, this is for me. Having served on an Equality national committee of the Into, which is 32 county union and been a keen member of a political party all my life, I attended a meeting in Woman's Centre Letterkenny over two years ago. However due to work commitments I was unable to access the great training and workshops made available during that time. Only since I retired have I really seen the wonderful work been done by The Next Chapter and the great people who lead that from the Politics Plus base in Belfast.

Having taught English as an additional language for years and being involved in senior management in a multi functional community primary school, the whole area of culture and diversity has taught me much. Hope that my experiences in education and a political group while living in Donegal all my life, being a mother and grandmother, has and will, bring something to the group. It has allowed me to have a focus in my retirement, to meet great women, to access supports and training and be part of a team on the Donegal Chapter as we empower women in Donegal. Looking foward to the future with this group."

Thank you for taking the time to tell us your story Doreen.

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