Fri 07 February 2020

Start change close to home says Angela

Angela Orozco belives it doesn't matter how big or small, there is something you can do!

Angela Orozco is a member of the Belfast, Lisburn & Castlereagh Chapter and shares her journey on The Next Chapter project.

"I was born in Colombia where I did a degree in Chemical Engineering. After a few years working as an engineer in Colombia, I spent a year training in Germany. After that, I decided to do a Masters’ degree which brought me to Belfast.
When I told people that I was going to Belfast they used to say to me “Are you crazy?”. After my Masters Degree, I continued my studies doing a doctorate. Alongside my studies I worked as a researcher for several years. I have made Northern Ireland my home and I started a family here.
Living in Belfast I always kept myself in my own safe space, as I had done when I lived in Colombia. I used to think: “If it doesn’t affect me then that is okay with me”. I was completely apolitical, as I didn’t have a high opinion of how politics works. As soon as I learned about The Next Chapter project, I really liked the idea of learning about what politics is like and about what had happened in Northern Ireland during the “Troubles”.
I felt compelled to find out more and decided to join the project.  I had the opportunity to meet lots of interesting women, learning a lot about Northern Ireland politics, history and culture in the process thanks to the training, events and meetings. One of the most important things we have had during the project is the networking with the other chapter groups.
There is a famous quote from Gandhi: “If you want to change the world, start with yourself first”. This quote can be applied not only to your closest family and friends, but also, to politics and within your community or neighbourhood. The Next Chapter was an eye opener for me about politics and how to be a community leader." 

Thanks to Angela for writing this article.

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