Jessica is making strides with peacebuilding in NI

Thu 05 March 2020

Jessica explains the importance of peacebuilding & bringing people & communities together

Speak up and engage politically says Patricia

Fri 07 February 2020

Belfast, Lisburn & Castleragh Chapter participant thanks The Next Chapter for being transformative in her journey

Lisa is promoting the importance of politics

Tue 18 February 2020

Travel, experience and The Next Chapter have made me rethink the importance of politics in society

Start change close to home says Angela

Fri 07 February 2020

Angela Orozco belives it doesn't matter how big or small, there is something you can do!

Lori aims to encourage women to speak out

Fri 07 February 2020

Belfast, Lisburn & Castlereagh Chapter Participant continues to pursue social justice and equality through The Next...

Eileen is a true force of nature says Susan

Thu 23 January 2020

Eileen Drumm is a force of nature taking every opportunity to build a better community

Doreen is looking forward to the future

Thu 23 January 2020

The Next Chapter will help us empower women in Donegal

Julie says everything happens for a reason

Thu 03 October 2019

Particpant Julie McAvinney shares her pivotal moments & how Next Chapter training has put a fire in her belly

Amy sees value in cross border networks

Thu 26 September 2019

Amy Farrell recounts her recent Visit to the Dáil with over 80 participants from across NI and ROI border counties