Tuesday 11 June 2019

Your views on 'Developing a Powerful Voice'

Feedback based on Module Three of The Next Chapter Capacity Building Training Programme

Module Three launched in February 2019 and rolled out across Northern Ireland and the border counties of the Republic of Ireland. The first day of Module Three training addressed barriers to public speaking and presentations. Participants spent time discussing what makes a good presentation as well as the importance of image and non verbal communication. Day Two was a full day workshop with participants each delivering a three minute presentation to camera. All participants reviewed their own and others presentations, with ongoing feedback and support from trainers.

Here is a selection of the feedback we received from across the region, together with photos of participants involved in the training programme.

Photo: Participants from Louth Chapter on Day 1 of Module Three

“Module Three focused on developing presentation skills. It was delivered by three professionals with extensive experience working directly in media. While their delivery was professional it was also friendly and relaxed creating a safe space allowing us to step out of our comfort zone and experiment with our presentation skills. Constructive feedback was given in an extremely positive manner. While I have experience presenting I have never received formal training. I took away lots of tips and preparation exercises. My aim is to engage in politics something I never believed I could do. This module increased my skills and confidence to a level where I feel ready to engage”
Aishling – Next Chapter participant, Louth Chapter

 Photo: Module Three launches in Monaghan with Channel 56

“Module Three commenced with 'Channel 56' facilitating an introductory media skills training workshop.  The facilitators shared their expertise and professional experience of presenting within media and public arenas. The Monaghan Chapter were introduced to the do's and don'ts of presenting and tips on how to remain calm, along with breathing exercises. A practical exercise of recording with a microphone allowed us to appreciate how we can use our voices and the microphone to our advantage. It was thoroughly informative and enjoyable.'” 
Michelle – Next Chapter participant, Monaghan Chapter
“I want to say how much I enjoyed the training with Channel 56.  There was no part of the training I disliked.  I learnt so much and a bit of craic was had too.  The whole training is really important to me and I very much value the feedback and advice.  I feel more capable and in control for speaking in public.”
Theresa – Next Chapter participant, Monaghan Chapter

Photo: Participants from Enniskillen Chapter on Day 1 of Module Three

“Feel very privileged to have had this invaluable training. Thank you.”
Siobhan – Next Chapter participant, Enniskillen Chapter

“The training was very practical – we were thrown in the deep end. It was good seeing how I had improved.”
Andrea – Next Chapter participant, Enniskillen Chapter

 Photo: Module Three launches in Cavan 

“Great tips and critique and quality filming and sound for watching feedback was very useful.”
Sally Ann – Next Chapter participant, Cavan Chapter

Photo: Module Three commences for participants from Newtownabbey Chapter Hub

“I found this training so effective and feel it was delivered very well – I stayed engaged throughout it.”
Denzi-Lee – Next Chapter participant, Newtownabbey Chapter

“Very professional, safe space and lovely, gentle facilitators.”
Lisa – Next Chapter participant, Foyle Chapter

Photo: Participants from Mid Ulster Chapter on Day 1 of Module Three

“It was very enjoyable as well as a great learning opportunity to help public speaking.”
Maura – Next Chapter participant, Mid Ulster Chapter

Thanks to all participants for sharing their comments and feedback.

The Next Chapter project is funded through the European Union’s PEACE IV Programme, managed by the Special EU Programmes Body. Match-funding for The Next Chapter project is provided by the Executive Office in Northern Ireland and the Department of Rural and Community Development in Ireland.