Your Views on 'Decision Making, Politics and Public life'

Wednesday 22 May 2019

Your Views on 'Decision Making, Politics and Public life'

Your testimonials based on Module Two of The Next Chapter Capacity Building Training Programme

We asked Next Chapter participants from across Northern Ireland and the border counties of the RoI for feedback on the recently completed Module Two of The Next Chapter Training programme - 'Decision Making, Politics & Public Life’.

This module unpicked the democratic legislative processes both north and south of the border, and explained how policies are created, affected and become law. The Module showed participants how to become strategic thinkers and analyse complex data, and how they could apply this skill when joining public or voluntary board positions.

Here is a selection of their testimonials;

Photo: Module Two Training in Cavan 

“During Module Two the biggest thing I have learned is, no matter how hard it is, you have to listen to every point of view. It can be very hard to listen to injustice but communication is the key to resolving conflict.

The second session for Module Two was especially inspiring to me, watching the film “Wave goodbye to dinosaurs” the story of the Northern Ireland Women’s Coalition just blew my mind. My respect for all the women involved, words just cannot express. The only regret is that they as a party are not still going, they are Legends.”
Fidel – Next Chapter participant, Cavan Chapter

Photo: Module Two Training in Belfast, Lisburn & Castlereagh

"I loved the training and hearing the inspirational stories from the trainers in DemocraShe in how women can empower themselves to make a difference in society.  The team tasks provided an opportunity for open and frank discussions and provided good training for board room discussions."
Naomi – Next Chapter participant, Belfast, Lisburn & Castlereagh Chapter

Photo: Module Two Training in Enniskillen

"I have really enjoyed the training I have attended, and felt very comfortable and at ease being in a room with women who had similar but sometimes different though patterns, a change to challenge assumptions and I have actively engaged in presenting during group discussion (something of which normally scares me)."
Sinead – Next Chapter participant, Enniskillen Chapter

“I just wanted to thank Annie and Debbie for a wonderful learning experience. Module two: Decision Making, Politics and Public life helped me in ways I did not anticipate. I believe I now think about society and my own position differently. I can make an impact and my voice does matter. It is important to make change happen, even on the smallest of levels. I learned that without allowing my voice to be heard, we will never see a change in our society and ultimately, achieve our aim of equal participation and representation. We as women can help maintain peace and help in conflict situations. We explored the idea that men and women, together can bring a healthy balance to the negotiating table. We need to see women as strong and powerful when it comes to public life.

Since joining the course, I have started to share my thoughts with others. I no longer keep my feelings bottled up. I believe my opinions matter and my voice matters. As a mother and educator, I believe this session has helped me to speak up and opened up the reality of our society. We as women can help change the world and it is my intention to do so.”
Anne – Next Chapter participant, Louth Chapter

Photo: Module Two Training in Mid Ulster

"The training delivered by Annie, Debbie and Bronagh from DemocraShe prompted me to finally join a political party and apply for a couple of public appointments.The advance screening of the programme documenting the establishment of the Women's Coalition was really inspiring."
Mary – Next Chapter participant, Mid Ulster Chapter

"The Next Chapter is the most worthwhile training I’ve ever received. It has truly opened my eyes to the world and given me the tools to empower myself and other women around me. It has given me a global awareness of the inequity’s women face and the steps that have and are being taken to combat these."
Sorcha – Next Chapter participant, Mid Ulster Chapter

"I found the training very interesting. I wasn’t sure I was going to understand a thing, but it has actually given me the tools to be more critical and to think about what is happening and how we can do something with my hub to change things locally."
Izchel – Next Chapter participant, Mid Ulster Chapter

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to share their thoughts on Module Two.
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