Thursday 23 January 2020

Next Chapter Women making a change in Killeavy

Building cross-border relationships with Newry & Monaghan Chapters

A Report from the Peace & Reconciliation Event with Monaghan and Newry Chapters by Martina Byrne. Martina is a member of the Newry Chapter.

"Newry and Monaghan Chapters came together in November 2019 to focus on themselves for one day!  Held in the newly opened Killeavy Castle outside Newry the setting provided a “great escape” for the women to take part in an immersive workshop designed to help us get good at change.

The event was facilitated by Renee Martyna who has worked as a Development Worker for the United Nations focusing on women’s empowerment and gender mainstreaming.  Over the last ten years she was based in Bali and was involved with women’s personal development (Women in Transition) and setting up a social and innovation hub call Hubud providing a space for more passion, purpose and meaning in working lives.  She has recently relocated to London and is setting up her new business call WIC.ed – Women in Change Education.

Following the introductions, Renee started with her “TTT plan” which stands for Truth, Tribe and Transformation which she believes is the feminist formula for our future.  She talked about how we can use our “feminine consciousness”, our intuition, to make better decisions.

Decisions are an inevitable part of change but sometimes our old ways of making decisions and the things we thought truly mattered have failed us. That’s when it’s time to explore new and different ways of ‘knowing’ so we can build a life that we can truly believe in.

She then explained the “6 strings” which is a tool drawn from the field of progressive education which has been adopted for use in the field of social innovation.  It explores the use of somatic, metaphoric, emotional and relational ways of ‘knowing’ which complement more ‘rational’ ways to make decisions in times when deep discernment is required to make the right choice. It is a tool that can be used in both personal and professional circumstances, and is especially helpful in times of chaos and confusion.

We broke into groups and shared our experiences and ideas on how we could incorporate those six different areas into our lives.

After lunch, Renee guided us in each having a silent time where we were in our own company and we went on an individual mindful walk around the beautiful grounds of the Castle. We had to note six different things we observed and on return she guided us into making our observations into a poem.  We shared our poems and talked about how what we notice is life is who we are.

When the workshop ended the whole group bid farewell to each other and exchanged contacts and ideas of how we could meet again to collaborate and build a cross-border relationship between the Newry and Monaghan groups."