Monday 05 August 2019

Module Five Training & Coaching for ALL

ALL members will be offered Module Five Training and up to three Coaching Sessions

The Next Chapter is pleased to announce that Module Five, renamed "Diversity - Thinking Independently Together", will be open to all Chapter Members. The training will delivered from September to the end of January and will consist of three full days for each of the ten Chapters. The training will aim to contribute to celebrating diversity by improving understanding about the various cultures, the impact of racism and, the under-representation in public life of women from minority ethnic communities in Northern Ireland and the border counties of the Republic of Ireland. As always the training will be interactive and involve exercises to make you think about what you have just learned and how it relates to you and your community.
Module Five follows four modules namely ‘Women as Champions of Peace Building’, ‘Decision-making, Politics and Public Life’, ‘Developing a Powerful Voice’ and ‘Communicating with Impact’. 

In addition, FREE Coaching Sessions, up to three in total, are now available to all new members and to those members who previously did not take up the offer of one to one mentoring.

The Next Chapter is a project aimed at building positive relations between women from different communities and backgrounds and addressing the gender inequality which still exists in community, public and political representation.

The Next Chapter is funded by the Special EU Programmes Body through the EU’s PEACE IV Programme. Match-funding for The Next Chapter project is provided by the Executive Office in Northern Ireland and the Department of Rural and Community Development in Ireland.