Learning about the Women's Coalition and peacebuilders

Thursday 29 November 2018

Learning about the Women's Coalition and peacebuilders

Testimonials from Module One of The Next Chapter Training programme - 'Women as Champions of Peacebuilding'

We asked Next Chapter participants from across Northern Ireland and the border counties of the RoI for feedback on the recently completed Module One of the training programme - ‘Women as Champions of Peacebuilding’.

This module included an in-depth exploration of the peace and reconciliation process, with particular focus on the role of women and the contributions they have made. In addition, participants learnt about how to develop the capacity and resilience of their communities in a post-conflict society and how to handle conflict.

Here is a selection of their testimonials.

 Module One, Day One at Enniskillen

“With regards to Module One, I absolutely enjoyed it. It was the first time that I felt confident in a group setting to voice my opinions on each group work task and sometimes present what we had discussed. I feel a little of this has begun to filter into other aspects as I have been able to speak out more during my course at South West College and take the lead in ensuring processes are completed at work. Also I loved the opportunity to be among other women, learn from their experiences and thoroughly enjoyed learning about the history of Women's Coalition and how important they were in securing the future of Northern Ireland that we see today”.
Sinead - Next Chapter participant, Enniskillen Hub
“The first module of training was very informative and interesting. I particularly loved the documentary we watched about the woman's coalition.”
Sharon – Next Chapter participant, Belfast, Lisburn & Castlereagh Hub.
“This course has exceeded my expectations. I am learning so much and find all the sessions relevant and so interesting. The women giving the sessions are so inspiring and motivational, that I look forward to each session and the learning I gain.”
Elita - Next Chapter participant, Belfast, Lisburn & Castlereagh Hub.

Photo: Module One Training participants at Belfast, Lisburn & Castlereagh Hub 
“The women in peace building training has been a valuable learning experience for me. New to Northern Ireland I sought to understand its history and this was a great opportunity to learn through the peace builders of the past. I have learnt a great deal and some great insights into how powerful women are in peace building even if it isn't obvious most of the time. I'm excited to see what the new modules will bring.”
Fatima - Next Chapter participant, Enniskillen Hub

“The first training module 'Women in Peace building' sounded very worryingly as if we might be going over, yet again, about the devastation of the 'Troubles' in NI; but instead, it was about the wonderful Women that kept the peace, maintained the peace and demanded the peace. It gave us all in the room the courage to insist on sustaining that Peace 20 years on.”
Agata - Next Chapter participant, Mid Ulster Hub

Photo: Cavan Chapter Hub - Module One group with DemocraShe tutors 

“I really enjoyed the training and found it very thought provoking. It was inspiring to see how much ordinary women have impacted on the NI peace process and what they overcame to be part of that process.”
Catherine - Next Chapter participant, Cavan Chapter (front row 4th from left)
 “A truly inspirational and skill enhancing learning programme for women of all ages.”
Imelda - Next Chapter participant, Cavan Chapter (front row 6th from left)

"For so long I have been wanting to do something. I long for change & to get involved in community. To have this opportunity makes me so happy & positive for my future. I lack confidence but just being in a room with such fabulous females makes me super excited for what we can achieve in our Hub. Being led in the classes by the lovely ladies from DemocraSHE was very inspiring & makes me believe that I can actually do something."
Mary - Next Chapter participant, Cavan Chapter Hub (back row 3rd from left)
“'Women as Champions of Peace Building’ training has been an inspiring few days, growing up in a border county I was always very aware of the ‘troubles’ however I was not aware of the input of all the passionate women on the path to peace and the important role they played in the Good Friday Agreement.  Bronagh Hinds spoke with passion and I would like to sincerely thank her and her colleagues for their contribution, not only to peace but to the role of women in political & public life.”
Patricia – Next Chapter participant, Cavan Chapter Hub (back row 3rd from right)

“It was very interesting to learn how women in Northern Ireland helped bring peace in their communities and about their influence in the peace process.  It's great to be part of a group of like-minded women who are all working towards a common goal.”
Ruth – Next Chapter Participant, Louth Chapter Hub
“I absolutely enjoy the training sessions. It’s a great experience to join the ladies from different backgrounds and share our experience in a safe and supportive environment. The enthusiastic facilitators are fantastic; they provide different case studies and always encourage all the participants to actively engage the meaningful discussions to develop ideas. I have learned new skills from the training which can be applied to everyday life, too. I would highly recommend the course to any woman who is interested in gender equality and community works.”
Ping – Next Chapter Participant, Louth Chapter Hub

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to share their thoughts on Module One.
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