Tuesday 01 October 2019

Dates for October Chapter Meetings

Community Projects, creating your own Chapter Vodcast and more Peace & Reconciliation events in the pipeline

Dates have been set for Chapter Meetings to take place thoughout October. Each Chapter will have the opportunity to advance their Community Project, take part in a storyboarding exercise for Vodcast planning and hear about opportunities for more networking opportunities with other Chapters.

Main Photo above - Monaghan Chapter Community Project - 'Women Connecting through Conversation’ event at the Carrickmacross Workhouse in September 2019

Photo: Mid Ulster Chapters Women’s Wellbeing Fair in the Meadowbank Sports Arena September 2019

Across NI and border counties ROI each of the ten Community Projects are at various stages of planning and delivery. You may have had the opportunity to take part in Monaghan Chapter's series of 'Connecting through Conversation' Events or spent the day at the Women’s Wellbeing Fair in the Meadowbank Sports Arena organised by Mid Ulster Next Chapter and Magherafelt Women’s Group or have been invited to attend the recent Cavan Chapter 'Cavan Speaks' Launch Event!

Photo: Media interview with Members of Cavan Chapter in advance of 'Cavan Speaks' Launch Event - September 2019

Regional Co-Ordinators are also very excited to tell you about the step by step creation of your Chapter Vodcast - this is a short 'video/podcast' that will tell the story of your Chapter Community Project. The family of 10 Vodcasts, representing the 10 Chapter Community Projects, will be shown at the Celebration Event in 2020.

Regional Co-Ordinators attended Vodcast Training in August in preparation for helping you create your own storyboard. Your Co-Ordinator will undertake all the filming and editing for the final 90 second Vodcast and show you how to do it along the way!

Photo: Recording sound and images - Regional Co-Ordinator Claire Rushe being interviewed by Communications Lead Liz Beaton

Photo: The Next chapter team watch and critique interviews to help build understanding of the Vodcast process

Take a look at your Chapter page for details of Chapter Meetings, as well as confirmation of your Module Five Training information.